Welcome to "The Palm Bayer," a groundbreaking news platform where the community spirit of Palm Bay meets the cutting-edge world of automated journalism. Our story is as unique as the city we serve.

The Genesis of The Palm Bayer

From Community Roots to News Revolution

  • After serving in the Navy, Thomas Gaume made Palm Bay his home, deeply embedding himself in the community through various leadership and volunteer roles.

  • Gaume's journey from a small business owner to a community leader laid the foundation for his next visionary project – "The Palm Bayer."

  • Recognizing the lack of a dedicated local media outlet in Palm Bay, Gaume envisioned a platform that could fill this void while embracing innovative technology.

Embracing the Future: The Birth of Automated Journalism in Palm Bay

Innovative News for a Dynamic City

  • "The Palm Bayer" emerges as Palm Bay's answer to the need for local, relevant, and timely news.

  • The site stands out by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to craft news articles, a pioneering approach in local journalism.

AI-Driven Journalism: Efficient, Timely, and Engaging

  • Our AI technology efficiently analyzes vast amounts of information, generating news articles at an unprecedented pace.

  • Human oversight ensures accuracy and clarity, merging technological efficiency with journalistic integrity.

A New Chapter in Local News

  • The Palm Bayer is not just a news site; it's a trailblazer in the HyperLocal Automated News space.

  • We offer real-time updates and in-depth coverage, redefining how local news is consumed and experienced.

Join the Revolution in Local News

Be Part of Our Story

  • "The Palm Bayer" invites you to experience local news like never before – through the lens of AI-enhanced journalism.

  • Stay informed, engaged, and connected with the latest happenings in Palm Bay.

Join us as we redefine the landscape of local news in Palm Bay, one AI-generated article at a time. "The Palm Bayer" is more than just news; it's the future of journalism in our vibrant city.

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Thomas Gaume: Uniting Palm Bay with AI-driven news. Transparency, tech insight, and community at the heart of "The Palm Bayer.